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Public Option Not Dead On the Hill

A coalition of House Democrats is gearing up to propose legislation which revives the public option President Obama had originally hoped to carry through this year’s healthcare overhaul. The legislation House Democrats plan to introduce today would establish a government-administered insurance option available to consumers as part of The Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), has 125 co-sponsors and is similar to the public option originally passed by the House Education and Labor Committee earlier this year but adjusted to fit within the framework of insurance exchanges which eventually made it into the reform debate’s final product.

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Feds Tackle Fraud: 36 Arrested in Medicare Scams Worth $251M

This past Friday July 16 at a press conference in Miami Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced that over 360 federal agents had raided the homes and offices of Medicare fraudsters accused of stealing over $251 million. Authorities say most of the thirty-six individuals arrested Friday were based in Miami, though other operations shut down in the bust were located in places like New York City, Detroit, Houston, and Baton Rouge. Ninety-four people were indicted in total as a result of the sting. Authorities claim the suspects – which include several doctors and nurses – billed Medicare for unnecessary equipment, HIV treatments, and physical therapy that their patients never received. Hidden surveillance equipment caught clinic owners and doctor’s offices paying patients (and undercover agents) under the table in exchange for use of their Medicare numbers and offering bonus rewards to patients who would recruit others to the scam.

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