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Lookin’ Good In Those Genes!

People all over the world are living longer. Worldwide, few people reach the age of 100, and those who do are often celebrated for their longevity. Only one out of every six thousand people will blow out the candles on their 100th birthday cake. Even fewer people (one out of every seven million) have lived beyond age 100 into their 110s or 120s. Currently, the United States and Japan are home to the largest numbers of people aged 100 or older world wide.

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3 Million More Americans Uninsured in 2009

As the health care debate raged onwards in 2009, the number of uninsured American adults rose by 3 million from 2008. Overall, approximately 46.3 million people in this country do not have health insurance covered. In Texas, over one out of every four people was uninsured in 2009, compared to the 15.4 percent nationally.

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We’re Running Out of Primary Care Physicians: What Are We Going to Do About It?

The country’s current health care reforms have underscored the country’s primary care physician deficit. By the time the reforms kick into effect in 2014, the majority of Americans will be insured. In Massachusetts, where all citizens must be enrolled in some health insurance plan, universal insurance has exposed the Commonwealth’s primary care shortage. The dearth of Massachusetts primary care physicians has often made it more difficult for residents to get the care they need. This same fate seems on the horizon for all on a national level.

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