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Fighting Medicare Fraud

Every year, both seniors and the government lose quality health care and billions of dollars to corrupt providers. Medicare fraud isn’t new, but as the new health care reforms have passed, fraud has been in the spotlight. Medicare fraud affects everyone, from the government to seniors to taxpayers.

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What About Entitlement Reform?

On May 13, 2009 the trustees of Medicare and Social Security released a report detailing the impending insolvency of our nation’s two biggest entitlement programs: Medicare in 2017 and Social Security in 2037. Projections have pushed these bankruptcy dates up from the previous report’s estimates of 2019 for Medicare and 2041 for Social Security. What can we do about this?

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Electronic Medical Record Use On the Rise

By 2014, each and every American will have an electronic medical record of their own. Electronic medical records (EMR) are “paperless paperwork,” or computerized copies of patient records, and the federal government hopes to make wide use of them to cut down health costs. The Obama administration’s health information technology program plans on offering incentives and subsidies to medical providers who make use of electronic records. By 2014, all doctors will be required to have Health IT or will face a penalty.

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CT Investigates CVS Rx Plan Termination Threat

In a company statement released Wednesday June 23 CVS disagreed and threatened to end the program in Connecticut if it were required to give this discount to Medicaid recipients because doing so would make the program “economically unfeasible to continue.” Blumenthal has subpoenaed CVS in hopes his office will be able to force CVS to comply with the law and its practices in other states, as extending this program to Medicaid enrollees would save thousands of pharmaceutical cost dollars, helping to rein in out of control health care costs.

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What Will the New Medicare Advantage Plan Ranking System Look Like?

Although the Advantage ratings purportedly help seniors weed out the best possible plans, the ratings system is flawed and most seniors rely on a combination of plan costs and benefits to determine which plan they want. The impending Medicare reforms will be rewarding top-ranked Advantage plans with bonuses, despite the obvious flaws within the system. The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) plans on using the current system at first, and later evaluating which factors work and which do not. Programs with 4 or 5 star ratings will receive higher bonuses from Medicare.

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2 Genetic Factors Linked to Alzheimer’s

Scientists have established that there is indeed a genetic component to Alzheimer’s, APOE, which is connected to early onset types of the illness. The researchers haven’t found out what the genes actually do, but the hope is that by studying the genes, doctors will be one step closer to putting the pieces of the Alzheimer’s puzzle together.

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Closing the Doughnut Hole

The doughnut hole coverage gap forces seniors to pay out of pocket once their drug costs hit a certain amount. Recent health care reforms have focused on the doughnut hall as a way to cut costs. Here are the top 6 things to know about the doughnut hole for seniors, their relatives, and their friends.

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Crackdown on Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is among the most common types of health care fraud. The Obama administration has requested a funding increase in an effort to cut down the Medicare fraud. These efforts have been successful in the Miami area, which has the highest rates of both Medicare fraud and prosecutions.

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Cigna PFFS Plan to Close

Effective February 1, 2010, Cigna is closing their CIGNA Medicare Access PFFS plans to OEP enrollments.

CIGNA will still accept clients enrolling during their individual election period (those aging in to Medicare or newly eligible to Medicare) and those with a Special Enrollment Period. Current clients who have CIGNA Medicare Access PFFS will not see a change in their 2010 benefits. They will continue to have coverage for the entire year.

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