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Category: Senior Healthy Living

Men, Quit Skipping Your Check-Ups!

“Men are 24% less likely than women to go for their routine check-ups.” Men skipping doctor’s visits hinder preventative healthcare efforts. This in turn could lead to higher healthcare costs for the Baby Boomer generation. Preventative efforts for your health can treat a medical condition before it becomes a problem. Going to your routine doctor’s visits will boost your chance of detecting a medical condition when it first arises. If you are able to detect the condition early on, you will increase the likelihood that the condition will be treatable.

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2 Genetic Factors Linked to Alzheimer’s

Scientists have established that there is indeed a genetic component to Alzheimer’s, APOE, which is connected to early onset types of the illness. The researchers haven’t found out what the genes actually do, but the hope is that by studying the genes, doctors will be one step closer to putting the pieces of the Alzheimer’s puzzle together.

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