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Category: Prescription Drug Coverage

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CT Investigates CVS Rx Plan Termination Threat

In a company statement released Wednesday June 23 CVS disagreed and threatened to end the program in Connecticut if it were required to give this discount to Medicaid recipients because doing so would make the program “economically unfeasible to continue.” Blumenthal has subpoenaed CVS in hopes his office will be able to force CVS to comply with the law and its practices in other states, as extending this program to Medicaid enrollees would save thousands of pharmaceutical cost dollars, helping to rein in out of control health care costs.

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Closing the Doughnut Hole

The doughnut hole coverage gap forces seniors to pay out of pocket once their drug costs hit a certain amount. Recent health care reforms have focused on the doughnut hall as a way to cut costs. Here are the top 6 things to know about the doughnut hole for seniors, their relatives, and their friends.

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Senator Baucus and CMS Slam Humana

In light of the recent letters sent out to their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, insurance company Humana now faces the possibility of heavy fines and may even be kicked out of the Medicare Advantage market by federal healthcare agency, CMS. This seems like a pretty harsh penalty for a one page letter informing seniors that “health reform proposals being considered in Washington, D.C., this summer include billions in Medicare Advantage funding cuts” and that “millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable.” So why is CMS so up in arms?

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