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Month: November 2010

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Chair Yoga for the Rest of Us

Chair yoga is a great alternative to traditional yoga, providing seniors with an easy way to get more active even if they’re less mobile than they used to be. There are many chair yoga classes structured for seniors from age 60 to even 90 that are more accessible to people who can’t get down on the floor. These classes also simplify difficult movements while still offering tremendous health benefits.

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6 Best Foods for Diabetics

Eating a balanced diet is important for everyone, but when you’re diabetic, it’s even more critical for your health. Simply improving the daily diet can help diabetics lose weight—in many cases, diabetes is linked to a patient’s obesity. In any case, adding certain foods to your diet can actually help you manage your diabetes—be it Type 1 or Type 2. So, here are the 6 best foods for diabetics to eat!

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