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Month: October 2010

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Anesthesiologists Use New Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Doctors are well known for taking care of their patients, and lately for trying to go green. By using anesthesia, surgeons can eliminate stress and pain during a surgery, allowing the procedure to be completed in comfort—at least, in comparison to a surgery without anesthetics. One group of doctors is looking to care for the environment as well—also concerning the use of anesthesia. By selecting certain anesthetics, some doctors are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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One Vision Issue All Seniors Should Know About

If you’re over the age of sixty, chances are that you’ve already heard about cataracts. The word “cataract” refers to a condition where the lens of your eye grows cloudy, affecting vision by decreasing your visibility. The lens of the eye is comprised of protein and water. As time goes on, the protein in the eye begins to bundle together, making it more difficult for light to pass through your eye and fogging up vision. Consequently, cataracts “fog” vision, preventing sufferers from seeing as clearly as they used to.

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Your Solution for Wrinkle-Free Skin!

With so many Anti-Wrinkle Creams on the market, each claiming to be the best and work the fastest, it’s extremely difficult to narrow down your choices. You would hate to sacrifice benefits of one cream for other beneficial ingredients in another cream. We have narrowed down the choices and found the most important factors that you should look for when choosing your Anti-Wrinkle cream.

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Yummy Meals with ALL Your Food Groups

Let’s face it, eating a balanced diet isn’t necessarily at the top of our priority list. The official United States guideline to a health diet changes from year to year. While many Americans do work on eating a balanced diet, many others have fallen victim to over processed junk foods and fast food. With the obesity epidemic raging on and heart disease rates skyrocketing, encouraging healthy diets has never been more crucial in the United States. By consuming nutritionally rich food, you can encourage the proper growth and development of your body. In order to maximize diet benefits, it’s important to eat food from a variety of different groups and sources. The US Department of Agriculture frequently updates its guidelines to healthy eating, and the most recent model emphasizes balancing food groups and physical activity.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Week!

This week marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness week. Breast cancer is a cancer that primarily affects breast tissues. Both men and women can develop breast cancer, although male breast cancer is relatively rare. People of all ages, races, sexual preference, and social backgrounds are at risk for breast cancer. In 2010, over 200,000 American women and nearly 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost 40,000 women and 400 men will succumb to the disease this year.

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Electronic Healthcare?

In today’s world, the focus seems to be on electronics and new technology. Electronics are attractive to companies because they compile information all in one place and leave space more organized. With this, practices that have been around for centuries are in need of restructuring themselves to keep up with the modern times. So, what does this mean for doctors and the medicinal practice? They need to start going electronic, too! This is a profession that is centuries old and has the newest advancements in technology on some terms, but is extremely lacking in others – like all the paperwork! Doctors and hospitals are moving towards electronic prescriptions and records. Although concerns have arisen about this new system, the many benefits seem to outweigh those concerns.

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